Future English 1060 Class

3 May

To the next class that takes English 1060 with Dr. Lackey, I know that they will really enjoy this class.  Her class has taught me a lot that will really help me in the future.  The advice I give to others is do not procrastinate.  The work is not that hard if you just keep up with your work.  Do a little bit of something each day and you will be good to go!  Good Luck!


So far, So good.

27 Mar

I think that so far my draft is looking pretty good.  I have some good sources and good information to help me write this paper well.  I think the way I am wording things could be revised, like maybe using different words if one word is being used too much.  I think if I use the correct grammar and sound some what professional, parents will take my advice that I trying to give them.  I think me being an athlete and having my own personal experiences is a plus when writing this because people are more likely to listen to someone knowing that they have been through it.  It is easier to believe someone when they talk about their own experience. I still have a lot of work that needs to be done.  I would give myself like a B maybe a B-.  My goal is to have it at an A+ by the end of all of this.

My map of my research

27 Mar

For my research I am finding sources from different people such as parents, coaches, and athletic trainers.  I want to get everyone’s point of view on softball injuries.  I am going to not just talk about which is the  most common injury, I am also going to state some helpful hints as to how to prevent these injuries form happening.  I am also going to tell you what to do for treatment if you child or player gets an injury.  That is how I am going to go about when writing my research paper.  My goal is to inform the parents about what could happen and how to stop injuries from happeningImage.  

Annotated Bib. Two. Softball Injuries

27 Mar

Georgandis, Nick. “Softball Sport Injuries”. Live Strong.com. 28 Jul. 2010. 18 Mar. 2012. <http://www.livestrong.com/article/187345-softball-sport-injuries/>

            Most people think you cannot get hurt in a sport such as softball because it is not a contact sport.  Those people are wrong.  There is not necessarily contact but there is fast movement, throwing, pitching, hitting, running, and fielding.  “Softball injuries are frequent and can range from mild to severe” (Softball Sport Injuries).  Spraining your ankle is what is considered a minor injury.  Tearing a ligament is a more serious injury that will need surgery (Softball Sport Injuries).  One of the differences that make one injury worse than another is te recovery time that it takes for you to get back to playing softball.  “More common, but also potentially more severe, in softball are overuse injuries. These occur when a certain muscle, tendon or combination of the two are used repeatedly without proper time to recover.

The most common of these injuries is rotator cuff tendonitis, which affects the shoulder. It is frequently seen in pitchers.  Knee tendonitis is also a common injury. The pounding a player’s knees can take from lots of running and fielding often causes this injury.

Caught early on, overuse injuries can be treated with lighter workloads, rest and anti-inflammatory medicine.  If overuse injuries are not caught early, or allowed to persist, they can cause permanent damage to a player’s body” (Softball Sport Injuries).  Warming up correctly and using the proper equipment will help lower the risk of injuries. 

            I thought that this source was a very good source for me to use.  It was an article specifically about softball injuries which is what my research is on.  It goes along with my other source because it mentions the injuries and then the way to prevent the injuries.  This source is a very reliable source.  It is from Live Strong.com which is a great website about sports.  Live Strong is a very popular website.  Not only is it a website but it is a brand that advertises their name on things such as clothes and bracelets.  It is a website that receives plus give good information.

            For my research paper this information will help me.  It has not changed my thoughts about my topic but it has made me think of how many different injuries that there are out there and it will be hard to narrow it down to just one injury.  There are probably a couple of injuries that will be considered the most common.  

Softball Injures-Annotated Bib.

27 Mar

 “Preventing Softball Injuries.” Stop Sports Injuries. N.d. 18 Mar. 2012 <http://www.stopsportsinjuries.org/softball-injury-prevention.aspx>

     In this article I read it talks about the different injuries that can happen because of softball and the best way to treat the injury.  In the article it said, “Pitchers are not more prone to injury than position players; catchers and infielders have similar injury rates. However, pitcher injuries differ from position player injuries because pitchers use a windmill motion that places unique demands on the back, neck, shoulder, forearm, and wrist” (Stop Sports Injuries).  From my own experience as a pitcher and a position player the back as been the most common with my friends and me.  Depending on what position you play depends on what injury you are most likely going to have.  “For pitchers, the most common overuse injuries are shoulder tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon), back or neck pain, and elbow, forearm, and wrist tendinitis. For catchers, back and knee problems in addition to overhead throwing shoulder problems are the most common. For other position players, overhead shoulder and sometimes elbow problems predominate” (Stop Sports Injuries).  There are many ways to prevent injuries from happening.  First, stretching is the big key (Stop Sports Injuries).  Stretching will prevent you from pulling any muscles or tearing something.  Ice and rest is the best treatment for any injury, taking pain medications will help as well.  In baseball usually the answer to solve everything is surgery, but softball that is usually not the case.  Some experts that helped with these tips are Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD, Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, ScD, and Bonnie Jill (BJ) Ferguson, Coach (Stop Sports Injuries).

            This source was very useful to me.  It told me a lot of information that I did not know and information that will be very helpful when writing my paper.  I feel like this article is a very reliable source and I can trust in it.  This website got their information from multiple different resources that are reliable and they received information from different types of people such as coaches and other researchers.  The goal of this source is to show that not one player has more chance of a risk of getting hurt than anything other player.  It just tells you that different injuries come with the different positions you play. 

            For my research this article fits in very well.  It tells me what the most common injuries are which is what my research question is.  It also tells me different treatments for the injuries and how to prevent the injuries from happening.      

Research Project Proposal

23 Feb

     In my English 1060 class we have to come up with a research question.  This research question has to have something to do with what we have been talking about in class this semester which is community health and wellness.  My topic for this English project is softball injuries.  That is a big topic because there are a lot of injuries that happen while playing softball.  This leads to my initial research question which is what is the most common softball injury?  Kids from the community play softball.  Playing softball is a great workout so it is keeping kids in shape, but it also comes with prices.  Injuries happen while playing softball so that has everything to do with one’s health.  I am choosing this topic because this is really important to me.  Softball has been a big part of my life and my family’s life as well since I was seven years old.  This is what brought me to school here at UNC Pembroke.  Throughout the years I have seen many injuries in games and in practices.  Some have been minor injuries and others have been very serious ones where the ambulance has to take a girl off the field, and not only that but the injury was so bad that it ruined their chances of ever playing softball again.  I play on the UNC Pembroke softball team and I feel like injuries is a problem worth addressing because we only have fifteen girls on the team and over half of us have injuries, including myself.  I am excited to do research on this topic because I feel like people should see that softball is not a girly, easy sport.  It is intense and rough.  Growing up all I heard was how it’s called softball because the ball is soft and it is an easy sport.  Well everybody who thinks that is wrong!  The ball is not soft and it is a hard sport to play.  If it was easy anybody could do it, and they can’t.  I am also curious myself as to what the most common injury is, because like I said before, I have seen a lot of injuries and they have been all different kinds.  From what I have seen I would say the most common injury is either ankle injuries or back injuries.  I myself have had both of these injuries as well as a bunch of my teammates over the years.  The older I have gotten though it seems like girls are having problems with pulling their hamstrings and quadriceps muscles.  I am a freshman and since I have been here almost every girl on the team has pulled with one or the other or even both.  I think that as a lot to do with how much we run.  The conditioning in college is way harder and intense then what most girls are used too.  To find out what the most common injury in softball is I am going to go to websites such as an athletic training website, and a website that might have a list of statistics.  I might even go to different school’s websites and see if they happen to list if a girl is injured and what the injury is.  I am interested in this topic and I hope others are as well. 


Oral History

21 Feb

I listened to an oral history project about a mother and a father after there son died when he was a teenager.  I chose this story because it caught my attention.  I wanted to know how the son died and how they coped with it.  The dad said he was ready to kill himself, he did not think he could continue on.  But him and his wife stuck together and they did.  They are living for their son.  This recording was done in Kansas City, MO.  This recording was done in memory of their son, Denny.  It was a short recording but I feel like it was enough to make me feel their hurt and pain.  It was long enough for them to describe what happened and how they felt.  This story was for any type of audience.  It was not detailed so it was not enough to really scar someone, or put bad thoughts or images in their head so that was a good thing.  It was a sad story but it proved that life does go on and there are bad times and you just have to work through them.  If you would like to listen to the recording yourself here is the link to it.

“He was a strong, fit kid. So I really didn’t think anything was seriously wrong.”